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The art of waiting

It's been so long
Can't even remember the beginning
The wait is too long
Don't even know if I'm still waiting

The clock no longer ticks
So why am I still looking?
What are you looking for?
What are we waiting for?


It's too late
Yet it's too early
Too early to give up
Too late to keep up

How long more?
This ridiculous, unfathomable frustration going on
That no one can answer for

Don't ask me
Because I've asked myself over and over again

It's mutual

I know your concerns but you don't get mine
I know your concerns but maybe I shouldn't care
I know your concerns but so what

I'm losing it
I've lost
I've got nothing to lose
While all you care about is winning

Feel me, you don't
Fear me, you don't
Fuck me
You've already done so, don't worry

So I'm stupid
So I'm being used
So I'm the bad one
But I still want you
Not because you're that good
Only because I'm stupid