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The place where I've lived half my life in

Never thought I'd post a long entry (and with pictures!) in the recent days but this is definitely worth spending time writing.

It's about me returning to Jurong West St 91, where my old home was, after 13 years. Read on only if you're ready for a long post.

On a side note, today's user picture shall be akanishi jin's beautiful pure white DP because it was his 31st birthday 4 days ago and I wish him, his gorgeous wife and lovely daughter a blissful life.

On 6 July 2015, a sunny Monday morning, I was sent to Nanyang Community Club for an event at work. It's a freaking far place to travel to from my current house. Yet my mood was somehow pleasant instead of my usual irritable one. I guess it's because I knew I would be going back to where my childhood was, and I was subliminally excited.

So after the event ended, I picked up my bags and walked straight in the direction of my old house. To my own surprise, it was easy. I half expected to lose my way for I'm known for being a complete idiot at directions. But I reached the HDB block in just a few minutes.

Along the way, I played a game of 'Spot the Difference'. Some buildings were repainted, some new items were built but the buildings remained 80% same as what I remembered.

Then, waves of nostalgia suddenly came rushing at me and I was soon engulfed into my own world of reminiscence. Which didn't feel too bad, by the way.

938. The three numbers that will always be in the hearts of our family. It was a little disappointing when I noticed that one of the two elevators was made into a cold, hard wall, leaving the other one to serve the residents. Eagerly, I stepped out at the highest level. Ah, the wind! Just like yesterday!

What used to be a huge playground and park is now a huge construction project. I vaguely recalled playing in the sand before or after dinner, and stupidly walking across the health path thing (you know, that stretch of uneven rocks that supposedly help with your blood circulation and especially old people are encouraged to walk on it to keep fit?) with my dad. That infrequent routine stopped for a while when the hand foot mouth disease became a serious issue in Singapore.

It wasn't a surprise that this place would be rebuilt for something else. Government's always doing its job to create new improvements, yeah?

What's more surprising, however, was that I couldn't find my house!

It's only until 5 minutes later that I came to conclusion that the apartment had changed its structure to split into two blocks. So I hurried down, crossed over to the other elevator and went up again. Cheers to the extra exercise, I happen to crave for some calf muscles recently. S:

Here we go, the ONE has been found finally! Refurbished differently yet not losing its smell of familiarity, this house looked exceptionally beautiful to me. In celebration of this tiny victory, here's yours truly with a genuine smile:

There was still some time left so I decided to venture further and take a look at my good old primary school. It was really like a walk down the memory lane. Images of the white and green uniforms, bulky school bags, classmates who would walk to school together, even the dark skies in the morning, flooded my mind at each step taken. It was only a five minute walk, a really short journey actually. Yet the 10 year old me used to take a long time to get to school. If only I had taken more notice of the surroundings then and captured the beautiful scenery.

This was where Physical Education lessons took place. And a secret place for my mum to pass me stationery or homework that I forgot to bring.

The idea of sneaking in and taking photos of the interior did come across my mind but I didn't do it in the end. Typical of the cowardly me. Instead, I compensated the conscience by visiting the mama shop which all the Xingnan kids would go to at least once in their primary school days. Thankfully the mama shop was still there, sturdy and colourful as always. Except that the prices are slightly higher now.

The next stop was the neighbourhood. I was really glad to see the Prime supermarket still doing fine, as well as the clinic our entire family was attached to. Not that I'd fancy being sick again but I sort of missed Dr. Lim, our favourite doctor who's probably very old now. He who gave out pamphlets himself when the clinic first opened. He who gave my brother and I English names (to which my brother made use of his in the later stage of his life, and I just want to keep it a secret to most people). He who witnessed my epic fall at the age of two and sent me to the hospital that possibly saved my life.

I also bought lunch from another coffee shop nearby before going back to office. If there's a chance, I would love to have such reminiscent walks again. And next time, perhaps together with friends who've experienced those wonderful times as well. :)